Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Year of the Tiger!
What a great evening. My bestest buddy Essie invited me to a Chinese New Year Dumpling Making Party at her house tonight. Her roommate Lin Lin, who is lovely, is from Taiwan so she wanted to host the party. Her family lives in Taiwan so she couldn't celebrate with them. Oh my goodness, it was so fun and delicious. We made about 400 dumplings altogether. The different flavors were pork, shrimp&spinach, mushroom, and assorted veggie. The assorted veggie was my favorite. It was a mixture of different root vegetables, ginger, garlic, & edamame. The wrappers were either whole wheat or spinach. Then there was a soy sauce or spicy sweet&sour sauce Lin Lin made for dipping. So stuffed and such good company. Sometimes its nice to go to a party where you really don't know many people and you make all new friends and acquaintances. Lovely, Lovely night.

Bird of the Day: Excitedly awaiting my order of clothing I ordered off line to be delivered. I rarely do that online shopping thing, but please a sweater with a whale on it, I couldn't resist.

Turd of the Day: My money managing skills really were sub-par this month. Im down to three dollars until I get paid this Tuesday. That's an all time low for me. Opps.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its a rainy night in Georgia, feels like it must be raining all over the world.

As I walked out of Blue Jay Cafe tonight and back to my car I felt a wave of contentness and appreciation rush over me. I had just finished a delicious meal of cobb salad, corn muffins, and two heffenweizens. My lovely PS family had had a mini reunion all in the name of raising a few dollars for Haiti. Now headed home I was getting drenched in pouring down rain (I had forgotten my umbrella) and, it had never felt this good before. The streetlights illuminated puddles and streams as the water rushed down Golden Gate St. The rain was coming down so evenly and constant that it felt calm. Everything felt right in the city, in my body, and in my mind. It was nice. I happily made my way home soaked to my toes, of course I had worn my old converse today. Now I will finish my evening reading in my comfy, warm bed listening to the rain fall outside. Life feels good tonight. 

Bird of the Day: My brother got a new, promotion/job at Whole Foods today! He's a team leader now which in WF language means he's a manager. Im so happy for him!!!!

Turd of the Day: Not everyone in my beloved city has a warm, comfy bed to crawl into on this rain soaked night. 

Monday, February 1, 2010


Got a tattoo of this yesterday. It was much more painful then my last tattoo, dont know why. It does have alot of black detail the lovely tattoo woman explained to me. So very happy with it. 

Bird of the Day: Got a new parking spot that is 24hours and cheaper than my last. very excited about that.

Turd of the Day: My room is an unorganized mess that is spiraling out of control.  I dont know where to start to make a dent. I wonder if this is symbolic of something in my life, idunno.