Sunday, December 6, 2009

Single and looking to slam my head on the floor

Well its been a rough week, breaking up with your boyfriend will do that. I hate having to do the right thing. And again Im alone. And again I feel a thousand miles from another person. 

Turd of the Day: the freezing weather and the fact that my apartment at best stays as warm as a refrigerator.

Bird of the Day: Loretta Lynn

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I dont want to

Thanksgiving...I love food so this is my kind of holiday. For me Thanksgiving is stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, potatoes, green salad, rolls, pumpkin pie, black olives and little dill pickles. Just to name a few. I can't wait. For me it is not about eating a lovely turkey that has been raised and slaughtered to please my fat gut. Im thankful that I realize that Im not that important in this grand world. Im just one critter on a rock with a whole bunch of other critters and  I don't want to take away anyone or things short time they have here. Im thankful I have a mother who will prepare a vegetarian Thanksgiving because she loves me and she loves critters too. 

Turd of the Day: Wells Fargo...they still haven't reimbursed me for the $900 that was wrongfully charged on my account when my wallet was stolen. You-WF have millions of dollars, I- longtime customer have had $75  to my name for 2 weeks now because you wont give me my $. Seems fair.

Bird of the Day: "Corwin"!!!!! He's a cute little conure that came into my work yesterday because a parrot had bit his top beak clean off. Poor little guy. And unbelievably this is the 5th case of beak biting off incidents we have treated this year. He had a prosthetic beak put on surgically today and is doing well. What a little champion!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 1

How exciting the first post. I've been thinking about doing a blog that will be a glimpse into the crazy ramblings of my mind.  My thoughts  generally consist of food, animals, friends, art, and insanity. Most days I spend half the day thinking Im completely messed up and half the time thinking I just figured it all out hence- turds and birds. I will try to appreciate both the good and the bad of my obsessive, wacky mind. 

Turd of the Day: the god damn Marina. Went there to buy some cards from my ol' PS. Decided to eat lunch at Squat and Gobble. I got Huevos Rancheros for the first time I think in my whole life. Pretty good...can't eat enough eggs and tortillas lately. Anyway I was sandwiched between two girl Marina 30 somethings at one table and a lawyer type guy and his mother on the other. Made me want to slam my head on the table. What bothers me most is I try to not  judge people I don't know, so it sucks that my lunch was spent doing just that. 

Bird of the Day: It's my mom's bday! And really if she wasn't in my life I would be a puddle in the corner of the room. So thank goodness for today!

Alright it's 10:30 also known as bed joke.