Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 1

How exciting the first post. I've been thinking about doing a blog that will be a glimpse into the crazy ramblings of my mind.  My thoughts  generally consist of food, animals, friends, art, and insanity. Most days I spend half the day thinking Im completely messed up and half the time thinking I just figured it all out hence- turds and birds. I will try to appreciate both the good and the bad of my obsessive, wacky mind. 

Turd of the Day: the god damn Marina. Went there to buy some cards from my ol' PS. Decided to eat lunch at Squat and Gobble. I got Huevos Rancheros for the first time I think in my whole life. Pretty good...can't eat enough eggs and tortillas lately. Anyway I was sandwiched between two girl Marina 30 somethings at one table and a lawyer type guy and his mother on the other. Made me want to slam my head on the table. What bothers me most is I try to not  judge people I don't know, so it sucks that my lunch was spent doing just that. 

Bird of the Day: It's my mom's bday! And really if she wasn't in my life I would be a puddle in the corner of the room. So thank goodness for today!

Alright it's 10:30 also known as bed joke.

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